why is it so much easier flirting with people when you don’t actually like them

Amen to that.

Cause when you screw up it wont matter, you didn’t like them in the first place. If you do like them, you fear you will loose them forever.

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For one, I never dreamed of even getting 100, let alone almost 700. You guys are amazing for sticking around this silly rp blog of mine!

So this is to thank you all.

Let’s start off with the rules.

  • You do NOT have to be following me to win, of course.
  • Reblogs and likes count, and I don’t care how much you reblog. Just don’t annoy your followers, ahaha~
  • No multiple blogs stuff I WILL BE CHECKIN so no cheatin~
  • Be comfortable with giving me your address for shipping.
  • I will ship internationally as well as cover shipping so don’t worry about that. Be aware that if you live out of the country, though, it may take a little longer for yours to get there.
  • Deadline is April 11th, yes.

okay enough of that. PRIZES~!!1

Pack 1: Two prizes. A Delic and Psyche Plushie! Made by Altair. Super adorable and well-made~! Pictured are mine; I have to order this one so if you get this one, be patient as I have to get it shipped from Japan.

Pack 2: Sims 3 Plus Supernatural Pack, Sims 3 University Life Explansion Pack Plus! The Hobbit Two Disc Special Edition DVD. This is sort of like 4 prizes. It does have the original Sims 3 game, plus two expansions of amazing and The Hobbit DVD. WOAH DATS AWESOME.

Pack 3: [Mostly Yaoi] Manga. Plus a booklight! What we have there is Only Serious About You Vol. 2, a very sweet romantic yaoi. Then, Secrecy Of The Shivering Night, equally adorable romantic yaoi with a few stories in it. The next is Durarara! Volume 1. It’s DRRR! so of course it’s great. Then, we have one of my favorite yaoi mangas, In These Words, Vol.1. This is a GRAPHIC yaoi, blood, sex, and yes, rape. So if you don’t like those things, I won’t include it. But it is a very, VERY well-drawn manga with a very cool story that is like a murder-mystery. But like I said, kinda graphic. Just a warning to those triggered by those things.

And lastly, Pack 4: A big stuffed floppy-eared stuffed Bunny, made for Easter 2013. And a DVD copy of Rise of the Guardians! Pft who doesn’t love a big stuffed bunny. You can cuddle it and watch Rise of the Guardians. You know you wanna~

How will I choose? Welllll~

Using a random number generator, I will choose winners.

There will be 4 winners.

First number I pick will get first dibs on a pack, second will get second choice and so on.

Pretty simple, eh?

So, have fun, good luck and thank you, everyone!

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scarlet-frost asked:




scarlet-frost asked:
Maybe you should start cleaning up my house a little! You damn dirty free loader! *huffs but is totally playing*

Hey, your house is spotless.. only thing I haven’t done is dusted.

For Scarlet and Vice <3

justiceisanoncorrosivemetal asked:
♕ Hug

Wanna see who can give a tighter bear hug? *grins*

phantom-sk asked:
♕ All of the above, baby. *winks*

You are such a Leecher. *rolls eyes*

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